The Goodenough Community
The Goodenough Community is a long-term experiment in community formation and
development sponsored by the American Association for the Furtherance of Community.

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The good news: the changes we must make to avoid ultimate collapse are identical to the changes we must make to create the world of our common dream.”    

 ~David Korten


The eView Newsletter
Published weekly, the eView presents the latest news on our programs, events, and life in the Goodenough Community. Enjoy news of people making life better, poetry, life passages, and good books and articles to read on topics from permaculture to parent coaching. Click this link to see the current eView.



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2011 and before
While we're rebuilding our archives, if you'd like copies from earlier times, please let us know via

The Compassion Project Newsletter Archives
The Compassion Project Newsletter is a publication born of the Goodenough Community’s 2008 year-long, intentional experiment in living with, learning about, and experimenting with compassion. We hope you enjoy the stories of compassion within the newsletter and invite you to join us by sharing your knowledge, research, and reflections.

First Edition 2008      
Second Edition 2008