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Emergency Initiative
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The good news: the changes we must make to avoid ultimate collapse are identical to the changes we must make to create the world of our common dream.”    

 ~David Korten


The Emergency Preparedness Initiative (EPI)
Resource Center

First Things First

Learn what hazards can cause disasters where you live. Determine your family’s needs and how you can survive these hazards. Consider special needs populations such as people with disabilities and the elderly in your planning. And finally, our pets play an important part in our lives, so don’t forget about your animal friends.

Are You Ready?
There are three main steps to creating an effective emergency preparation plan.

Step 1: Make A Plan - The plan is a pre-determined set of action steps that you can take during a disastrous event.

Step 2: Build an Emergency Supply Kit- The kit is a collection of food, water and supplies stored in preparation for a possible disaster. You can do this all at once or develop the 3-day kit gradually over time.

Step 3: Get Involved - Know the resources around you, including agencies and groups that provide safety training. Be a resource to someone else who may need help preparing. Remember: during a major disaster we will depend on each other.

  • Get Trained – Build your needed survival skills

  • Help a Neighbor, Help a Friend, Spread the Word

  • Get Connected with your Community Resources

Articles of Interest

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Basic 3 Day Kit Make a Plan
Check List Make Home Safe
Emergency Drinking Water Shelter in Place
Family Disaster Supplies Kit Water - Making it Drinkable
Family Disaster Plan Brochure Workplace Emergency Kit
Food and Water Brochure  
Family EP Organizer  

Helpful Forms

Babysitter PEPC Cover
CPR Floor Plan
Emergency Medical Information Medical Release
Emergency Medical Numbers Pet Care
EP Information Reunion
Family Contact Reunion


EPI Resources

American Red Cross Disaster  Plan Calendar

EPI Topics

First Things First

Earthquakes and Volcanoes




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