The Goodenough Community
The Goodenough Community is a long-term experiment in community formation and
development sponsored by the American Association for the Furtherance of Community.

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Sahale Summer Camp
June 24- 30
, 2018

Sahale Summer Camp is entering its tenth season! We invite youth aged 9 to 12 to join us for 6 nights and 7 days of fun living in nature at Sahale Learning Center.

We enjoy a program rich in experiences just right for this age zone. Youth enjoy traditional camping experiences with our tent village set up around a giant campfire pit for evening programs complete with stories, singing, símores and friends under a canopy of stars.

We teach skills of outdoor living and provide experiences which help you get to know yourself and have confidence making friends. We also impart a gentle sense of responsibility for caring for each other and the land. We do this through natural activities of taking care of camp and being part of small clans that spend time together each day getting to know each other and working together.

A two-phase training program for 13 to 17 year olds is also included and is an excellent opportunity for leadership training. For more information, see The Young Leader and CounselorTraining Program.

For more information, please contact Irene Perler
206.419.3477 or

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2017 Brochure

For Teens
Leadership training

Meet Irene Perler

Young Leader Camp Program

Youth aged 13 and 14 are eligible to return to camp as a registered camper with a special role and emphasis on gaining gradual responsibilities that support camp life. 

This older camper will be asked to help a clan and the older counselor of that clan.  They also help out in the kitchen and the gardens and other tasks that help camp run smoothly.  They may assist with activities such as crafts, archery and the music program and they may be asked to lead a game or campfire song. The young leader will have times to enjoy camp life with their other peers.


This program is an additional camper program we’ve added and follows the same registration as the 9 to 12 year old registration.  It allows the older camper to return to camp and develop skills.  If they enjoy this experience, they may want to apply for the Counselor Training Program, once they are 15. 


The Counselor Training Program

The Counselor Training Program is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, practice valuable leadership skills, and make a difference in the lives of younger children.

Our program gives you opportunities to practice leadership skills in an environment where friendships blossom.  These are skills that you can really enjoy and feel proud of in addition to building confidence for yourself in the job market.

The training prepares you to work successfully as a member of a camp staff. Staffing  opportunities are available at Sahale's Summer Camp, as well as at other area camps. 

You will receive up to 120 volunteer community service hours for your work at Camp. Room, food and learning materials for the week are provided for all camp counselors.

A certificate of completion of the training, letters of recommendation and reference are also benefits to you. 

Camp Director Irene Perler

As a parent and teacher of children, an outdoor nature lover and someone trained to help children to enjoy the wonders of nature, my desire is to know your concerns for your child’s growth and welfare. As you may remember from your own youth, an event like this can make a great difference in a child’s life. You will be provided with a questionnaire and I will be talking with you personally about your child. I am supported by a diverse staff of adults who enjoy working with children. Our volunteers are professional artists, musicians, teachers, and family therapists. Support staff will help with cooking and activities, such as archery and crafts.

Our work with children makes use of our remote and beautiful site where we swim in our river and explore our valley and hills. We teach a variety of skills including: fire building, shelter making, food gathering and meal preparation. The structure of our village teaches respect for elders, and the basics of good communication with each other. We teach peaceable ways. As you can tell by reading my message to children, we have many guided activities: archery, swimming, hiking, gardening, and artistic expression, including a variety of crafts. Children are also taught skills of collaboration and leadership

Irene brings experience from her work as the Three Cedars Waldorf School gardening teacher, Manager of the GEC Family Enrichment Network, and a 17-year member of the Goodenough Community. She is also a parent of two young adults, 23 and 25.


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