The Goodenough Community
The Goodenough Community is a long-term experiment in community formation and
development sponsored by the American Association for the Furtherance of Community.

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Convocation is a community of faith which supports individuals who perceive their life’s work as service and who are willing to commit themselves to developing their own and others’ ability to be in service in the world.  Convocation is also a ministry that serves to the work of developing people capable of strong relationships and a life of service.

Convocation grew from a group of friends who found themselves called together to develop and empower people in lives of service to community and the world. After a period of exploration, this group of friends chose to develop a church and ministry called Convocation as the most effective way to empower the call they shared.

Our purpose is to learn to witness to a way of life that honors spirit and its expression through each unique individual. We see our role as calling forth the Spirit within individuals and encouraging them to live lives of service to community, society, and to planetary consciousness. We call people to be guided by the intrinsic experience of God rather than to look soley outside oneself for guidance in an extrinsic manner. 

Teachings used in Convocation draw from the body of truth passed down through the ages (often referred to as the Perennial Philosophy), the world’s great religious traditions, and the ideas of transpersonal psychology.

We have identified our overarching purposes as:

1. Offering a clear invitation, or convocation, to spiritually minded people to value the full development of their human potential.

2. Providing processes of discernment for helping individuals develop their own spiritual path for attaining higher levels of consciousness and greater energies for healing and leading.

3. Promoting both ideas and practices that demonstrate and pass forward what we have experienced of healing and empowerment.

4. Witnessing in these times about the power of truth to transform lives and problems.

5. Teaching and demonstrating how a network of relationships can support individuals and families through challenges and difficulties with less fear and stress than is usually experienced.

In summary, a group of friends became a church.  People have come and gone and yet through 30 years of practicing and worshipping together participants in Convocation have to become a serious witness to the hope of interfaith spirituality.  Convocation continues to welcome interested individuals to practice and worship with us.

Convocation: A Church and Ministry was incorporated in 1987. The Hoffs were hired as pastors in 1988.

If you are interested in any aspect of our work, and want to become more involved, please email  to continue a dialogue with us. If the telephone is more to your liking, call (206) 755-8404.



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