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The Goodenough Community is a long-term experiment in community formation and
development sponsored by the American Association for the Furtherance of Community.

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Introducing John and Colette Hoff—
Important Resources for Community Life

John Lawrence Hoff, Th.D., and Mary Colette Hoff, M.Ed., have been chosen by the American Association for the Furtherance of Community and by the inter-faith congregation of Convocation: A Church and Ministry to be consultants and trainers within the Goodenough Community System. They are employed by Convocation and volunteer their services to the work of The American Association for the Furtherance of Community, parent organization to the Goodenough Community. John and Colette have proven themselves to embody many of the ideals of our organizations and the values we have chosen over years. As a community, we have been impressed by their demonstration of leadership, their values and their vision of how the world might change as people work together. We have chosen them for these roles because they have proven themselves as friends.  In addition, they have inspired us to see the importance of our community being a demonstration model of how communities can support people in these unpredictable times.

John Lawrence Hoff, ThD

John is a professional educator, counselor, and organizational consultant. John is also a mystic whose own life and faith teach compassion and the value of relationship. He is a social activist for whom creating community as an environment for growing “good people” has been his lifeswork. John received his doctorate in theology and pastoral care from the Pacific School of Religion. He was ordained in the United Church of Christ (1961) and trained by the National Training Laboratories (NTL Institute). His livelihood has been earned through teaching, training, and the pastoral care of individuals and organizations. Since 1981, John has been a leader in the Goodenough Community System. John’s lifeswork is being honored on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his founding the Human Relations Laboratory in 1970.

Mary Colette Hoff, MEd

Prior to earning her Master’s degree from the University of Puget Sound and the Christian Counseling Service, Colette spent 10 years providing nutritional counseling and motivational workshops for the Northwest Lipid Research Clinic. Colette has extensive experience in adult and family education and in the use of community as a method for human growth and development. She has a recognized vocation for working with women and women’s spirituality and was ordained as a pastor by Convocation: A Church and Ministry. Colette is a coach to many and a trustworthy guide for relationships. She is also a developer of the Sahale Learning Center and the Sahale EcoVillage.

Leadership from Relationship

John’s and Colette's relationship is a pastoral one, holding within it the lives of all who choose to be involved in the programs and services. Together, they mirror the tensions and issues alive in community and in society, And, from their relationship comes an unusually broad and deep understanding of current events and the "watchcare" that is needed by individuals and relationships. Their relationship might be described as synergistic, offering more as a healing and guiding entity than either of the two partners could offer alone.

We are fortunate to have two leaders who work in relationship and provide that relationship as a force within our community. Together John and Colette have many years of practical experience in the art of weaving education into growth work,  relational training, and organizational learning. They teach from their own collaboration the immense value of learning to live, love, and serve together.

Their creation of such initiatives as the Conscious Couples Network and the Family Enrichment Network has brought help to many couples and families. The heart of their work is “Friendship Training” which has proven to revitalize marriages, families, and living groups. They have demonstrated so much wisdom through their individual lives and their relationship that many of us, who are members and friends of this community, have spent the past few years testing, refining, and adopting the greater portion of what they have taught. It is their example that has won our hearts and it is through our demonstration of a compassionate community that we intend to join with like-minded others in the humble effort to improve society.
John L. Hoff, ThD

Mary Colette Hoff, MED


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