The Goodenough Community
The Goodenough Community is a long-term experiment in community formation and
development sponsored by the American Association for the Furtherance of Community.

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Cooperative Housing

Initiative 3 of the American Association for the Furtherance of Community 

 The third initiative of the American Association for the Furtherance of Community involved encouraging the Goodenough Community to develop a housing cooperative.

The first attempt began in the year 2000 with the creation of The Goodenough Village Cooperative. This story makes heroes of many members who gave financially and energetically only to find that after the successes of land purchase, permitting, and approval for a construction loan, a long-term mortgage was denied us during the difficult two years following 9/11/01. Members of the project “bought out” all of the indebtedness remaining, and many of them are behind the emerging project, Sahale Ecovillage. This “village” on 67 acres near the Hood Canal has been in development for six years and is now seeking people to participate by living and working there. Some persons have already begun to live there and workshops are now offered through Sahale Learning Center.

If you find your self interested in any aspect of our work, and want to become more involved, please email  to continue a dialogue with us. If the telephone is more to your liking, call (206) 323-4653.


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In Summary

The healthy social life is found

When in the mirror of each human soul

The whole community finds its reflection,

And when in the community

The virtue of each one is living.

          ~Rudolf Steiner



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